Health and Safety Information

Where can I find information on COVID-19 in Atlanta?

The Georgia Department of Public Health and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are the leading sources of information for COVID-19 in Georgia, USA.

Not currently, but please see the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Note: Your airline may have a difference policy for onboarding, depending on your country, residence, and your trust countries. Please check your airline policy as well.

How do I access healthcare in Atlanta?

Healthcare in the US can be expensive. You may want to obtain travel health insurance for your visit.

In case of emergency, you will not be denied healthcare due to lack of insurance, but you may receive a bill for services.

Some healthcare that you take for granted in your home country may not be available here, including abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy and certain emergency contraception. The local organizers strongly support access to healthcare.

Is Atlanta welcoming to LGTBQIA+ individuals?

Yes, Atlanta has a vibrant and accepting LGTBQIA+ community.

Visa Information

Do I need a visa to visit the US? What visa do I need?

You may need to apply for a temporary visa to travel to the United States for CinC 2023 conference. The visa information can be found here.

The visa wizard at the U.S. Department of State website will help you identify which visa category might be appropriate for your travel to the United States. Travelers from many countries are eligible for a visa waiver. Please visit the State Department website to see a list of eligible countries.

Georgia, USA Weather

What is the expected weather for the conference?

For the dates of the conference, the average high is 24°C, and the average low is 16°C. Short rain storms are possible.

Time Zone

What time zone is Atlanta operation in?

Atlanta operates in the Eastern Time Zone (ET) within the United States, UTC -4:00.

Electric stadards

The standard electric voltage in Atlanta is 120 volts at a frequency of 60Hz. The plug type commonly used is the Type A and Type B plugs. You might need a plug adapter and potentially a voltage converter to ensure your electronic devices work properly.



How can I find public transportation at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport?

Atlanta’s public transit rail system MARTA is at the domestic terminal. Airport shuttles and Plane Trains are running from the International terminal to the domestic terminal.

Tip: With Breeze Mobile 2.0 app, you can purchase fare directly on your phone and the given QR code is your ticket.

How do I get between the airport and the venue (Midtown, Atlanta)?

Attendees can reach the conference venue and hotels in Midtown Atlanta from the airport by rail public transit. The MARTA Red and Gold train lines travel frequently between the Airport Station and Midtown Station throughout the day (and night). Each trip takes approximately 30 minutes and costs $2.50. Please see here for MARTA ticket information.

Where can I get Atlanta’s public transportation information?

Accessible directly from the airport, MARTA provides public transportation that is convenient, safe and clean. All MARTA fares must be purchased with a Breeze card or Breeze ticket. You can purchase fare directly on your phone through Breeze Mobile 2.0 app.

Please visit MARTA fare programs for special fare options, schedule, and stops.

Atlanta Streetcar
The 2.7-mile loop makes 12 stops that connect Centennial Olympic Park with the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park and nearby neighborhoods east of Downtown. With a direct connection to MARTA’s Peachtree Center station and other transit services, the Atlanta Streetcar provides additional access to the city’s public transportation system.

Visit the Atlanta Streetcar website for fares, schedules, safety information and a list of things to do and see along the route.

Onsite printing Store

Is there a printing store to print posters onsite?

Caleris Solution will be your option where is 4 minutes walking from the conference venue. The detailed information about the store is available here.

How long does it take for Caleris Solution to print a poster?

The store would take 1 week to print the posters after approval with clients. Plan around to print your posters accordingly.

How do I have to pay to print posters?

You will need to provide Caleris Solution with your credit card information when you reach out to the store.

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