Computing in Cardiology publishes short papers (4 pages maximum) that have been presented and discussed by their authors at CinC 2023 conference.

Detailed information for registration process and authors is available on the main CinC webpage.

Steps to present and publish your work

  1. Submit a conference program abstract
    Please see the abstract preparation guidelines. All conference program abstracts must be submitted on-line by May 1st, 2023.
  2. (Optional) Submit your full paper
    This step is for Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award competition, the Clinical needs translational award (CTA), and reduced-fee registration.
  3. Get a visa if needed to attend CinC 2023 conference
    Visa information is available here.
  4. Confirm that you will present your paper
    Decision letters are sent to the main contact email address listed for each submitted abstract. If your abstract is accepted, your decision letter will contain instructions for confirming that you will attend CinC and will present your paper. If you have not received a decision letter by June 23rd, please check your spam folder for email from <>.
  5. Register to attend CinC 2023
    Please visit Registration website to register CinC 2023 conference. Registration information is available on CinC main webpage.
  6. Prepare and submit a full paper
    Authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit full papers (up to 4 pages) prior to the conference. The deadline for this submission is September 1st, 2023. After the conference, there will be a period until October 3rd, 2023. Please visit CinC main webpage to have full paper submission guideline and requirements.
  7. Present your work at CinC 2023
    Notes on preparing oral and poster presentations are available.
  8. Revise and upload your final submission
  9. Be prepared to make corrections if requested


Onsite poster printing info

If you want to print your poster onsite, Caleris Solution is a nearby option.
Note: The store is located inside the Biltmore Offices Building.

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