This page will provide information about onsite speaker guideline and onsite poster printing store. Despite CinC adopting a hybrid format once again this year, oral presentations are required to be delivered onsite and will be streamed through Whova. In contrast, poster presentations have the flexibility to be either onsite or remote. The online platform is accessible to all registrants.

Computing in Cardiology publishes short papers (4 pages maximum) that have been presented and discussed by their authors at CinC 2023 conference. Detailed information and steps for registration process and authors are available on the main CinC webpage.

Note: The poster size is A0 in vertical orientation. Height:1189 mm (46.8 inches) and Width:841 mm (33.1 inches). Smaller and slightly larger poster are acceptable as long as they fit on the poster board. You will find general information to prepare your presentation on CinC main website. Please visit Presentations Page.

Onsite speaker guidelines

Oral Presentations

  • The time allocated for each oral presentation is 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for Q&A. The only exception to the 10-minute limit for oral presentations is for the four finalists in the Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award competition, who are each allotted 15 minutes for their talks, followed by 5 minutes for discussion.
  • You will be introduced by the session’s Chairperson, who will also open the Q&A session after your presentation.
  • Questions will be exclusively asked at the end of each speech, aiming to minimize interruptions and ensure a seamless online experience for attendees. Please be aware that during the Q&A session, your slide will not be displayed on the screen to ensure smooth transition for the next presentation.
  • Speakers are expected to adhere strictly to the event schedule, which will be enforced to finish sessions on time and to permit participants to move successfully from one parallel session to another.
  • Prepare your presentation before coming to the conference using suitable software, e.g, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or PDF. If your presentation includes video content, make sure it plays properly on the system available at the conference venue by testing it beforehand.
  • Speakers may bring your presentation to CinC on a USB memory stick and assume that there will be a Windows compatible laptop and laser pointer available to upload. You may also bring your own laptop but be sure to also bring necessary adapters for both HDMI and VGA projector inputs.

Oral Presentation Check-in

  • All speakers must come to the room where you will present at least 15 minutes prior to your session, find and check in with one of the session chairs.
  • Please load and/or check your presentation on the local projection system.
  • The session chairpersons need to know who will present each scheduled paper. Help them by introducing yourself, and letting them know which paper you will present.
  • There will also be a local person available to provide technical assistance.

Poster Presentation - Poster upload instructions

  • All presenters (remote and onsite) will upload their poster as a PDF or image files to the conference hosting site, Whova, and have the option of also uploading a 3-minute video presenting the poster.
  • Each poster will have a chat/mailbox for communicating with the authors on Whova. In-person presenters will come to their poster session and present and discuss their study with conference attendees.
  • Remote participants will be able to communicate with conference attendees (remote and in-person) via the chat/mailbox on Whova.
  • Onsite posters must be in portrait (i.e., vertical) orientation and be no larger than A0 size. A0 is equivalent to 841 (width) X 1189 (height) mm or 33.1 X 46.8 inches.

Note: A personal link will be sent to each poster presenter on September 15, allowing you to upload your posters and 3-minute videos (optional) on the conference hosting site, Whova. If you have registered for the Cinc 2023 conference and have not received a link, please contact the local organizer at

Onsite Poster Presentation Chech-in

  • Authors presenting posters must check in with the session chair in the exhibition center during the 30 minutes prior to the poster sessions in which their presentations are scheduled.
  • Poster stands and mounting materials will be provided.
  • Posters are grouped by subject area, and each poster should be hung on the stand assigned to it.

Onsite poster printing info

If you want to print your poster onsite, FedEx Kinkos and Caleris Solution are nearby options.

Note: You will need to provide print ready files with exact poster size you are planning to print. Please note that the US uses different units of measure. If your poster sizes are "mm" or "cm", the stores will convert the measurements into "feet" and "inches" to print or will requests the size as "feet" and "inches". Please make sure the measurements with the store before approval.

FedEx Kinkos

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center (FedEx Kinkos) is located a bit further from the conference venue, approximately 2km away. The store has verbally confirmed that a color poster of A0 (33”x46”) size, printed on heavyweight paper, costs $77.86 inclusive of taxes. However, we highly recommend contacting the store directly to verify the pricing.

Caleris Solution

Caleris Solution is located inside the Biltmore Offices Building, which is only a 4-minute walk (300M) from the conference venue. The store has verbally confirmed that cost is $12 per square foot to print a poster. However we strongly recommend contacting the store directly to verify the pricing. You can use the Square Foot Calculator to help you calculate the cost of printing your poster.


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